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Web Services For Small Businesses

At Small Business Websites we have been designing and managing websites for over 20 years. If you have a website that is not performing then we can help. If you have a website that needs a redesign then we can improve it. And if you don’t have a website then we can create a professional one for you.

The importance of website design and management for small business is often overlooked. That’s where we can help. Regular change on your website can pay off. A little piece of news, a new photograph posted regularly, a new product added or other changes that take place on a regular basis can be very valuable. They get current visitors to return to your site, they get them talking to others about your site (never under estimate the value of “word or mouth”), and they help your ranks in the search engines. This increases your web traffic times over.

At Small Business Websites we can provide professional website management for small business anywhere.

Website Setup

Clients that are new to the web need help setting us their small business websites. For those clients we provide:

Domain Setup
Domain Pointing
Hosting Setup

Once we have these items setup their site is ready to be designed.

Complete Website Design

We offer complete website design, from start to finish. Our designs of small business websites include:

Website Structure Design
Individual Page Layout
Graphic Design
Image Editing
Text Creation
Content Placement

Professional Website Management for Small Business

At Small Business Websites we can do all or part of your web work. From minor content changes to the redesign of a website, our professional website management includes it all. When you want changes made to your website, all you have to do is send instructions to us. We will make sure it gets done right.

Website Content Management

More content changes on a website will translate into more desired visitors and more desired visits. Current visitors will come back more often and they are likely to tell more people about the website. Never underestimate word of mouth.

Content changes can range from minor changes to some text in a focused area to additions of images and significant content rearrangement. We can do either with our professional website management for small business services. No job is too small.

Small Business Website Redesign

When we redesign your website we will incorporate your logo and any other artwork that you may have already. Then we will design your site to compliment any other marketing material that you have invested in. We can also create content from scratch.

From single page sites to sites with dozens of pages, our website designs fill the needs of a wide range of clients. And after your redesign is complete our business website management services allow you turn any or all of your web management chores over to us.

website design and management for small business

Learn more about business website redesign.

Effective website management includes working with elements on the site and elements outside of the site that impact it. Content creation cannot be overestimated. Regular changes and updates on your website are valuable. And so are updates on your social media assets. Putting new information up regularly on any of these resources increases visitor interest. And it increases visits to your website.

We are very experienced in website management for small business. Contact us today and let’s see how we can help your business on the web.

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Specializing in Website Management for Small Business

Experienced Website Designers

At Small Business Websites we have been creating and managing websites for over 20 years. From a manufacturer of pet clothing (in North Carolina) to swimming pool builders (in California) to a floor refinishing company (in Hawaii), we have satisfied customers across the country. Our designers have learned a lot about what the web can do for a small business. When you hire us, you get the benefit of those years of experience.

Responsive Websites

The small business websites that we create are responsive. They operate effectively on various size screens. Today, sites are more often viewed on mobile devices, so sites need to be created to operate well on those devices. We design our small business websites focusing on this priority.

smart phone screen

Mobile First Website Design

Our sites are designed first for mobile phones. Why? Because websites are viewed more times on mobile phones than they are on desktops.

After we have created an effective mobile look of the site, we work on the desktop screen view of the website. This is called ‘mobile first’ website design. And mobile first is an important part of effective website management for small business.

Website Redesign

Do you already have a website? If so, is it up-to-date or does it need to be redesigned? We provide small business website redesign services.

When the time comes to redesign your website we will be there to do it for you. We can take your existing content, add new content and create a look that is up-to-date, easy to modify and works well on mobile devices.

And if you don’t like managing your website, then we can do it for you. We provide effective website management for small business. When you want items updated, then all you have to do is send those chores to us. We will make the modifications. And we will make them promptly.

If your site is out-of-date or needs content changed, then contact us. We can bring your website up-to-date.

Website Design

SEO Services

Social Media

Full Service

Website Management Services

We keep websites effective and valuable by providing effective website management for small business.

Your website will most likely require some maintenance over time. Text changes, image additions, content removal and new page creations are some of the elements covered in website management. We can fill those needs. But the service can go much farther. Professional website management for small business get previous visitors to visit more often. It gets those visitors telling others about your website. And it improves your ranks in the search engines. These factors working together will help your traffic exponentially.

More Web Services

In addition to website management for small business, we offer the management of other web resources.

Placement in the search engines can be incredibly valuable. We offer search engine rank reports that monitor your positions and we provide search engine optimization (SEO) that will improve those positions. This gets more desired visitors to your website.

Social media can also be important. Our web professionals can help you set up and manage social media resources. Regular posts can generate valuable visitors to your website.

Website Management For Small Business

Offers these services and more:


Quick Site Updates

Get prompt website updates

Content Management

Text, images and more.

Art Creation

We create custom artwork.

Photo Editing

We make photos pop!

Web Page Additions

Get new pages promptly.


SEO Services

Improve search engine ranks

Additional Pro Web Management

Small businesses have a wide range of assets available on the web beyond their websites. And professional web management for small business will help a business capitalize on those assets. The primary resources are social media and search engines.

Social Media

Social media can generate traffic and direct it back to the website. Regular content posts will keep a range of visitors returning to the social media element.

 Search Engine Optimization

Websites need to be managed to gain valuable links in the search engines. Effective SEO will get additional desired visitors to your site. Learn more about SEO.

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