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The value of professional website design and management for a small business is often underrated. Too many small businesses create their websites in-house and then they make occasional updates when it suits them. Some even upload their site and forget about updating. Businesses like this lose many times over what it would cost them to have a website designed and managed by a professional. That’s where we can help. We provide professional small business website design and management services.

Website Design

Responsive website design is the most modern form of website design today. It allows your website to respond to visitors and their devices based on their screen size and other features of the platform they are viewing it on.

Our professionals incorporate content that is valuable to your website. They can create a page design will incorporate and compliment related artwork, such as your logo. Each page design is unique and customized for each client.

Website Management

After we have your website operating, we are available to manage it professionally. When you need a modification made to your site we are available to do it for you. We can take text, improve on it and get it posted to your website promptly. We can take images and edit them with state-of-the-art software and then post them on your site.

Regular Content Updates

Regular changes on your website can pay off. A little piece of news, a new photograph posted regularly, a new product added or other changes that take place on a regular basis can be very valuable. They get current visitors to return to your site, they get them talking to others about your site (never under estimate the value of “word or mouth”), and they help your ranks in the search engines. This increases your web traffic times over.

Mobile device shows a small business website.

Learn More About Our Professional Web Services

Our professionals specialize in small business website design and management services. They can get traffic to your site with search engine optimization. And they can help you set up and manage social media.

Website on a desktop and mobile device

Website Design

We can create a custom website for your business.

Website management areas.

Web Management

Turn your website chores over to our professionals.

SEO small business web management


Get more traffic with our search engine optimization.

Responsive Website Design

Our websites are designed to adjust and fit on desktop and mobile devices.

Effective Operation

We design responsive small business websites. They operate effectively on various size screens. Today, sites are more often viewed on mobile devices, so sites need to be created to operate without issues on those devices. We design our small business websites focusing on this priority.

Mobile First Focus

Our sites are designed with a focus on mobile devices. Why? Because websites are viewed more times on mobile phones than they are on desktops. After we have created an effective mobile look of the site, we work on the desktop screen view of the website. This is called ‘mobile first’ website design. And mobile first is an important part of effective website management for small business.

Mobile small business website design and management page.

Responsive Layouts

A website that looks professional on a desktop device will have multiple columns across the screen. When that website appears on a mobile device it needs a different layout. Responsive website design adjust the columns to fit the device.

Responsive Typography

Text sizes that look good on a large size screen will look poorly on a smaller size screen. Our website designers customize font sizes for each screen size.

Responsive Image Sizes

Website image sizes are modified for different screen sizes. This ensures that images do not overflow the screen size they are presented on.

Over 20 Years of Web Experience

At Small Business Websites we have been designing and managing websites for over 20 years. If you have a website that is not performing then we can help. If you have a website that needs a redesign then we can improve it. And if you don’t have a website at all then we can create a professional site for you.

We have provided small business website design and management services for over two decades.

Working For Small Businesses Across The Country

Comprehensive Website Design and Management for Small Businesses

Elevate your small business with our top-notch website design and management services tailored specifically for businesses like yours. With a team of experienced designers, we specialize in creating stunning websites that captivate your target audience and drive growth. From manufacturers of pet clothing in North Carolina to swimming pool builders in California and floor refinishing companies in Hawaii, we have successfully served satisfied customers nationwide. Benefit from our extensive expertise and leverage the power of the web to propel your small business to new heights.

Examples of Our Web Work

Take a look at some of our latest customized website design work. We can create a website customized for your business.

Concert group website on desktop and iphone

Stanly County Concert Band promotes events in a small town community.

Canopies company website on desktop and mobile.

Carolina Canopies sells and installs commercial awnings and canopies.

We provide a wide range of small business website design and management services.

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