How Do I Redesign My Website?

How Do I Redesign My Website?

Website Redesign

Get Started With Your Website Redesign

First things first, what do your want your website to do? Some organizations just need to answer this question. From there they can make a basic plan for their site. Others, like larger businesses, need to come up with a mission statement for their new website design. You will know which is the best method for your business.

Once you have determined what you want your site to do you need to consider who you are presenting the site to.

Website Redesign Example for a Jewelry Store

Who Will Visit Your Website?

Look at the mission of your website. Are your trying to get the audience to take an action? If so, then focus on getting that done.

The primary action many small businesses are trying to get site viewers to take is to simply make contact and express interest in their goods and services. This can be as simple as making phone call or sending an email. If they can get a site visitor to make an inquiry then the website has accomplished it’s mission. From that point the business will work convert the contact further.

Others businesses want to sell products online. These sites don’t succeed until a sale is made. The design of this site will include a presentation and then a lead to a shopping cart that sells products.

Redesign The Website

Next you need to create the new design of your site. Here you can use new ideas. A good place to get ideas is from your competitors. Review their sites. Make sure you are not forgetting anything for your site.

Most small businesses have vendors that have quality website. Review those to get ideas.

Create A Flowchart

A flowchart for your website can be a useful tool in it’s redesign.

Business website flowchart

Select Content

In the case of a redesigned website, you have a lot of content already created. This can save a lot of time and money in the creation of your new website.

Review Your Old Website

Take a thorough look at your existing website. Review the text. Review the images. Review the graphics. Eliminate the items you no longer want on your site. Save content that you want to keep.

Add New Content

Your new website will include new content. You may have new and/or improved goods. You should have new images. And new graphics can enhance the look of a redesigned website.

Put It Together

Take the old then the new and create a the pages you need for your site. Work on a flow to in the site that takes desired visitors to desired locations.


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