Small Business Website Examples

Take a look at these website design possibilities

Website Design Examples

Travel Agency Website Design

Website for a travel agency

A website design can be very valuable to a travel agency. A range of items can be posted on the site. Listing travel location, posting photographs and promoting trips are just a few examples. A travel agency website can be customized for your business.

Website Suggestions

List Vacation Locations –  Post Images Of Destinations – Promote Travel Packages – Create A Mailing List From A Form Page – Post Travel News On A Blog

Example of a Photographer’s Website

Header of a photographers website

Photographers need a place to display their work and their expertise. A website is one of the best places to do this. They can display their work and show off their skill. They can promote their services. They can list their pricing.

Website Suggestions

Post Photography Examples – Put Up A Map To Your Studio – Post A Price List – Keep A Blog To Post New Photos

Example of a Yoga Studio Website

Yoga Workout Studio

Fitness businesses can use a website to promote their services and schedules. Photos of classes and explaination of the benefits of the exercise can gain students.

Website Suggestions

Present Your Classes In a Video – Post Class Schedules – Post Your Hours – Get Local Traffic From The Search Engines

Farmers Market Website

Farmers market stand

Do you need more traffic to your local farmers market? Consider a website! A WordPress site can be set up to allow various members to sign up and make changes to the organization’s website.

Website Suggestions

Present Your Facility In a Video – Post Produce For Sale – Post Your Hours – Get Traffic From The Search Engines

Restaurant Website Design

Restaurant website home page header

Restaurants can use a website in a variety of ways. From a presentation of their dishes to an overview of their location.

Website Suggestions

Present Your Products In a Video – Show Your History – Display Your Awards – Post Your Menu – Post Your Hours – Get Help Listing Your Site In The Search Engines’ Local Searches

Coffee Shop Website Design

Display of coffee for a website

A website is ideal for a local business like a coffee shop. Incorporate a blog and connect it to social media to make it a community fixture.

Website Suggestions

Schedule Special Events – Host Parties – Post Operating Hours – Connect To Social Media – Register On Google Local Search

Agency Website Design

Restaurant website home page header

Websites can be custom designed for a range of agencies. Busniesses selling services like insurance, advertising, marketing, employment or a range of other business can you a site similar to this one.

Website Suggestions

Show Your History – List Your Successes – Post Your Hours – Employ Search Engine Optimization For Your Market Area

Learning Management

Learning website header

Teaching a class can be promoted and complemented with an efficient website. List your courses, highlight your subjects and list the benefits of learning.

Website Suggestions

List Your Future Courses – Post Course Summaries – Promote Your Expertise – Employ Search Engine Optimization For Your Market Area

Fashions Design Websites

Fashions Design Website

Promote and sell fashions locally or all over the world with a website for your fashion business. This website design has some wonderful designs and layouts to get your site started.

Website Suggestions

Display Clothing – Promote New Products – Blog News – Employ Search Engine Optimization For Your Market Area

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