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Proper Website Management is Valuable

Too many business, large and small, put up their websites and then neglect them. In some cases they won’t make modifications for years. I’ll bet some of your competitors are even doing this. This gives you an opportunity to get better traffic and get a higher return on the investment you have made in your website. And when you have a good small business website management resource it is not that hard to do.

Website Management Requires Time and Money

Managing a small business website properly can be done in a couple of ways. One way is to hire an individual to manage it for you. With the cost of hiring employees this can be expensive. And if this individual even leaves your company, it can be hard to get a replacement. And it can be hard for the new employee to learn how to manage a website created by someone else.

Another way to manage your website is to employ another business, like Small Business Websites, to do the work for you. This allows you to turn over all of the website design and management chores to someone with experience that you can trust. Making a change to your website is just a phone call or an email message away. And many times it can get done as fast as someone in house could do it.

Employing A Range of Knowledge

When you hire your web management out to a company like Small Business Websites, you get many of the benefits that a large corporation gets that employs a range of experts for their web department. You can have access to a web page designer, a web artist, an SEO specialist, a content manager and many other people. And you get these resources at a fraction of the cost of hiring them.

Effective small business website management draws on these resources and makes them work to the common goal of increasing the value of the website. The more the site brings in, the more valuable it is.

Small Business website management resources

Small Business Website Management Services

If you need a new page created for your website, SEO services or custom web art created then all you have to do it send the idea to us.  At Small Business Websites we have a range of web management experts and provide small business website management services to a range of companies. Our small business website management services keep content updated, add pages, monitor traffic and provide SEO services. You will get a quality website that is updated and maintained regularly.


Who manages the website for a small company?

Smaller companies may hire a individual to manage their website. Another option for them is to use a third party that is a business with a range of people.

When they employ an individual this person normally has some expertise in the range of areas required, like domain management, hosting services, content creation and web art creation. The disadvantage of this is that the company is dependent on a single individual to do their web work. If that individual ever leaves the company then the company can be in a bind with their website until they find a new employee.

Other small companies use a third party that has ample resources to manage their website. These companies have several individuals. And each of these individuals have their own expertise. A small business can get a lot of the benefits that a large company gets with a web department. And in most cases this costs much less than hiring an individual.

How does website management for small businesses benefit them?

A website is designed to create a following and present content to its viewers. Too many businesses create a website and then just leave it as a billboard on the web. In a short period of time this site will become outdated. And nobody visits it. A business website can become outdated in a matter months. Effective website management will keep the content of the site up to date, get it rank higher in the search engines, analyze its productivity and get it redesign it when necessary.

Who can manage my website?

Some businesses hire individuals to manage their web department. Smaller businesses can often get by with a single individual working their website, managing their email accounts and doing other webwork for their company. Some businesses hire part-time workers to do their web work. The problem with hiring an individual to do the work is that the business is at the mercy of that single person. If that individual leaves the company, their goes the company’s whole web department.

A better option for smaller businesses is to turn the work over to a third party that will be there for years in the future. This business will have a range of resources to pull from including content creators, digital artists, code technicians, and other assets. And they have years of experience dealing with other businesses. They have made a commitment to the long term. And the will be there for you for the long term.

In most cases, especially for smaller businesses, the option of hiring a third party is much less expensive and provides better quality work. Hiring an employee is expensive. A web expert isn’t cheap. And on top of a precious salary, the business has to pay for benefits. Those headaches can be avoided win they hire another firm to do there work.

Can a single person manage a website?

A single person can manage a website. Normally this person has a range of knowledge in a range of subjects that can be worked together to manage site hosting, domain management, content creation and custom artwork. There are usually areas where this individual lacks knowledge, such as the integration of data base management and web analytics. This can limit the capabilities of the website. And that can cost a small business money.

How much does a website cost for a small business?

A small website can cost as little as several hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. A site with a single page, hosting for a year an email address and several hours of work on content can be done for under a thousand dollars.

A small business creating a page with a home page, an about us page, three to four pages that present their services and a contact page should expect to spend $2,000 to $3,000. A business that has many items that it wants to offer for purchase online will spend much more.

Who manages the website at a large company?

Larger companies typically employ a web department to do their web work. This can include a range of experts such as software technicians, content writers, digital artists and others. These are highly trained people and they can create incredible websites. They generate millions of dollars worth of business and are very feasible for a large company. The also cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to operate.

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