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Written by Huck Huckabee

February 22, 2022

Part of getting a small business website started is to purchase a domain name. And there are a wide range of possibilities for creating your domain. Your domain must be unique. And it helps if it is related to the goods and services your business provides.

Short and Sweet

Keeping your domain name short and easy to understand has a range of advantages. First, it makes it easy for visitors to get to the site. This helps the visitor remember the domain and be able to type it in the address line to impact the site. Second, it can have a positive impact on your search engine rankings. If some of the words that people would search for are in the domain name it can help the site get ranked for combinations those words.

Ways To Create a Domain Name

There are basically two ways to consider a domain name. First is to create a unique name. This is ideal for a large corporation that is going to provide a wide range of goods and services. Often times searchers look for the company name. The second method to go by is to choose a domain that will have a focus on certain goods or services. This is the way that many small businesses choose their name. It can be a help getting the search engines to rank them well.

Determining a Domain Name Extension

For most businesses the .com extension is best. It can refer to a range of sites. A problem with this is finding a domain that hasn’t already been taken. There are a wide range of other extensions available. Visit to see the range of domain name extensions that are available.

Extension blocks

Make The Domain Name Memorable

It helps to create a domain name that is memorable. This will help users find the website by typing in the domain name to the address line. Small businesses that are loaded with competitors that get ranked better than they do need their visitors to reach the site via typing in the domain name address.

Domain Management

Once you have purchased a domain, make sure you keep up with renewing it regularly. Businesses have changed domain names, email addresses or other contacts and then failed to get a renewal reminder. This can cause someone to loose their domains name.

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