The Accordion Website Design Feature

The Accordion Website Design Tool Has Many Benefits

The accordion tool makes an attractive and different way to answer questions and or make points in your website design. An accordion module is similar to a tab module. It just displays the content in a vertical list.

Look At This Accordion Example:

The First Item Is Open by Default

The default setting for the accordion website design tool contains a top element that shows the title and the open content below it. As the website visitor goes to another element below, this box will close, providing more room for the elements below.

Elements Close Automatically

The items below the first listing are closed on default until they are selected. As each is selected, they will open and the previous selected element will close.

Customize Accordion Elements

Do you want to emphasize particular items? The accordion tool will let you do it. Just change a background color, text color or icon.

List Items That Need Explaination

When you have a list of items, each with it’s own explaination, the accordion is a good tool to use. It allows the visitors to select the particular items they are interested in and get details on it.

Do You Have Questions?

The accordion list is ideal for listing and answering questions. Visitors can select specific questions and get them answered without having to scan down a long line of text.

The Accordion Saves Space

The accordion is an excellent tool for saving space on your web page. Many items can be listed with content below hidden from the website visitor until it is selected. This can be more inviting than a list of headlines and a lot of text.

See How Others Use The Accordion Website Design Tool

A lot of websites use this feature. As you visit other websites take a look at how they use the accordion website design tool.  You may get some really good ideas for your website.

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