Design Tweets To A Row

Box shadow and curved corners

Written by Huck Huckabee


June 15, 2022

Change The Feel Of A Box Presentation

A common design element of a small business website is a row with several cells in it. Each cell is presenting an element that is similar in size.

Want to make this stand out a little bit? You might consider a background to the row to set off the grouping on your web page. When you do it looks a lot better.

Subtle Design Changes Can Add A Lot

Here is a look at the box that’s been created. Note the gray background. Look how we can make it just a little bit better.

Box website presentation

The box looks good. It sets off the elements presented. And the contrast can work with all of the book colors.

Here’s The Tweak

Compare those two images. Can you see a difference?

Box shadow and curved corners

Corners And A Shadow

All we have done here is added a few design tweaks to a row. We rounded corners and added a slight shadow. It does a great job making the element stand out. And the change is subtle. Most people could not tell you the differences in the images. But they do detect a difference.

In this example what we have done took just 2-3 minutes to do. Coming up with the idea took longer.

We Tweak A Lot Of Our Web Work

Our website designers know a lot of little subtleties like this one. And they can put them on your new website. This can make your site stand out from the sites of your competitors.


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