About Us

Website Designer and Manager

Since 1999

In 1999 Search Stanly was established as a search engine for a community that was new to the web. It created single pages for various small businesses in a rural county in North Carolina. Within two years the business had expanded to the design and development of Small Business Websites.

Experienced Website Designer

Small Business Websites has designed hundreds of websites for small businesses across the country. We carry our web design expertise to a range of small businesses. With our experience in search engines, we developed an early talent for search engine optimization (SEO). And as the web has grown with social media, we have grown with it. We have expanded our services to include all aspects of web marketing and promotion for small businesses.

Do you need your own website designer and manager? Then call us! We can do all of your web work for you.


Web design resources

Huck Huckabee

Huck Huckabee is the owner and manager of Small Business Websites. He has an MBA from Wake Forest University and years of business experience. Learn more about the website designer.

Bridget Fox

Bridget Fox is our professional SEO writer. She has years of experience writing articles for Chamber of Commerce publications across the country.

Kamden Leigh

Kamden has years of experience in social media. She reviews incorporation of various social media platforms with businesses’ websites.