Company Colors Incorporated Into Your Website

A Website Design Example Using Red and Black

Repair Shop

A website for a bike repair shop can display a wide range of services available to potential customers. This website example shows some headlines and sections that you could consider for your site. And other sections and pages could be added.

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Schedule Repair

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New & Used Bikes

Content is customized for each client.

Our Services

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Mini Tune Up

Every service is listed and described here. Promote them on your business website.

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Give details on your maintenance work on this example of a bike repair shop website.

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Bike Fixing

Promote how you can fix broken bicycles. Customers can be gained for life.

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Repair Tires

You can repair old tires or sell new ones. Bike riders wear them out over time.

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Individual Parts Selection

Promote your inventory of bicycle parts that you have for a bike repair.

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Free Air

Offering free air to bike riders will make them think of your business when they need something related.

Bike Repair Shop Website Design

Our Services

Promote your services effectively with a professional bike repair shop website design.

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– Robert Henry

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– John Doe

Rent a Bike for the Day

By the Hour or Daily

Promote a specialty service. Bike renting can generate income, expand interest and maybe lead to a new customer.

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bike repair 05

Website content can be modified regularly with professional website management.

In Need of a Bike Repair?

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This page is a good example of how colors can set off your website.