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Full Service Website Design and Management for Small Business

We Can Do It All For You

When we talk about full service website design and management for small business, we mean taking the bulk of our clients’ web worries off their shoulders. We keep your website up-to-date. We modify content, search engine ranks, traffic and provide advice on significant modifications that your wite my need.

We act as your web department. We can even help you with social media.

You Save Time When We Do Your Web Work

We can do your web work in a fraction of the time it will take you to do it in house. And your time can be better spent doing things that you are good at.

Turn your web work over to us.

Start a new website from scratch

Full Service Web Design

Some small businesses don’t have a website but they need one. Others have a poor website and they need a new one. We are available to start a fresh website. We offer full service web design to create new sites for those businesses.

Learn more about website design for small businesses.

Small business websites on multiple devices

We Can Do All Of Our Customers’ Web Work

Full Service Web Management Includes:

Adding New Pages To Your Website

Is your site growing over time? It probably should be. As your market changes, your website should be changing with it. New products or new services need to be promoted.  Many times these additions will be enhanced with new pages on your website.

Creating New Graphics

Updating graphic designs are a good element in keeping your site looking fresh and clean.

Editing And Posting New Photos

New photos do a lot in keeping visitors coming back to your website. Our services include the creating and editing of photos.

Making Text Updates

Your website text needs to be updated regularly. Featured paragraphs that start a page can be a critical factor in getting traffic to return to your website. They can also help with your SEO.

An outdated website can cost you money. You can assign the job to an employee or you can turn over the work to us.

Graphic Artwork

Websites need to be attractive. Quality artwork can make that happen.

Logo designs, graphic creation, backgrounds and other artwork elements can enhance the look of your website. Let us create them for you.

coding icon 3

A simple art pieces are a good tool for drawing attention to selected places in your website.

Logo Designed For A Contractor

A logo that is repeated on your website, and other marketing, serves as an identifying element for your business.

Photo Editing

Do you ever have photos that aren’t quite good enough to put on your website? Many times effective photo editing can improve a photo’s quality to a level that will make it presentable. We provide photo editing services that can do just that.

Office building image
Edited Building

Cutting out portions of this photo and modifying the size improves it’s quality significantly.

Creating, Editing and Posting Content

For many clients we schedule regular content modifications. Others just send us content when they need changes made on their websites. This is included in our full service web design and management.


Some clients send us text exactly as they want it. Others send it to us to edit for them. And sites that make regular content changes will improve their search engine ranks.


Images are key elements that attract the attention of visitors. Regular additions and modifications keep site visitors coming back to the site on a regular basis.

Track The Progress Of Your Website

Website Statistics

Keep up with the traffic that comes to your website. Google analytics has a wide range of tools that can show you how well your business’s website is performing.

Competitor Analysis

Do you every look at your competitors websites? Do you ever look at their social media? Someone working for your business should. We can! For many clients we compare their web resources to the resources of their competitors. Then we come up with a plan that will make out clients’ web resources stand out.

What Web Resources Does Your Competition Use?

Search Engine Optimization

Tracking your website’s traffic, monitoring your ranks and the monitoring the ranks of your competitors’ websites can give you some good ideas for how to improve your search engine results.

SEO services poster

E-commerce Websites

E-commerce can be incorporated into your website to sell goods, services and digital assets. There is a wide range of resources to choose from that will enable you to sell your items online.

Paypal logo

PayPal has ideal tools for a range of e-commerce needs. It is ideal for selling a small number of items online.

Shopping Cart Logos

There is a wide range of shopping carts available that are taylored for various needs. We will help you choose one that works for you.

Hosting Services

At Small Business Websites we have been working with different hosts for over 20 years. Different providers focus on different specialties. Some clients need large storage areas, others need fast delivery networks and some just need a place to host a simple blog website. We help our clients find the hosting service that best suits their business.

Domain Management

Acquiring a domain name is simple and easy to do. The cost is insignificant. So it’s importance is often overlooked. A website domain needs to be monitored and renewed regularly. Businesses have lost their domain names by simply changed their email address and failing to receive their renewal notice. Then someone else buys their domain. This can lead to problems.

We manage hundreds of domain names. We track their expiration dates and keep them renewed. We offer this service to clients to relieve them of this headache.

Email via Webmail

Our services include webmail. Our webmail offers email addresses and online access to those emails from any web device.

The emails we create coincide with the domain names of our clients’ websites.

Social Media

Many small businesses have set up social media, but they don’t use those resources on a regular basis. Our social media services can be a major part of our full service web design and management for small business.


If your business is not set up on social media resources, then we can help you get connected. After you are set up we can show you how to manage them or we can management them for you.


To get the full benefit from social media a business needs to post content on a regular basis. This is not hard to do. But, it requires a plan that is followed. We can create a plan and post content on a scheduled basis for you company.


Social media involves interaction with visitors. On occasion your contacts may ask questions or make comments that deserve a response. We will monitor the activity on your social media and alert you when a response is needed.

All of this is included in our full service web design and management for small business.