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Small Business Website Examples

Small Business Website Design Examples

Including The Best for 2021

The best small business websites are custom designed for each client. And in 2021 there are a wide range of options for creating your website. You can design a website yourself, there are a wide range of options for creating it. Or, you can turn it over to a professional website designer. That’s where we come in. We are available to help you at any level in the design and management of your website.

Take a look at the small business website design examples below. These can give you some ideas for your own website. You can use these ideas to create your own website or we can create a site for you like one of these.

We can also create a site very different from these. Your website will be customized for your small business.

An Architect Firm Website Design

Architect Website Design

If images are a major element in the design of your website, then take a look at this web page example. Image overlays, backgrounds and other formats are shown in this Architect business website design example.

A Bicycle Shop Website

Website for a bicycle repair shop

Here is a website that is custom designed for a bicycle repair shop. This site promotes everything from new and used bicycles to maintenance and repairs. Click here to see a full page example of a bicycle repair shop.

A Photography Website

Photography site page example

Good for businesses that showcase photos. This works well for businesses such as travel agencies, photographers, or even real estate. Click here to see a full page.

Example Of A Coffee Shop Website

Web page for a drink menu

Do you own a coffee shop? A coffee shop website design is a great example of a small business website. This web design example shows some neat design ideas that can make your website the best in your market. The mix of dark and light colors stand out and the unique images customize the site for the coffee market. This can be a good design for a restaurant or a pub.

A Flower Shop

Flower Shop site example

A flower shop relies on it’s local community to survive. And a website can play a pivotal role. One of the first places a shopper goes is the search engines. And they will show locations and a list of the local shops. From that point the visitor can visit the website. Then they can review the site or make a purchase. Here is an ideal example of a small business website for a flowershop.

A Restaurant Website Example

Example of a web page for a restaurant

Restaurant’s can entice visitors to spend a night out. The image of a delicious meal can get the juice buds flowing and that can lead to customers. Today many restaurants offer their customers the capability of ordering online. Small restaurant websites can be a major asset to their business owners. And they play a more vital role in this day and age.

A Travel Agency Design

Travel Agenty website design example

People use travel agencies on a regular basis. And they find them, normally, on the web. A small business website designed for a travel agency is attractive and will help the agency get more customers. It can also be used as a tool to improve trips and vacations for their customers. For example, web design can be incorporated to use web resources to create customized mapping. And that can be used to create an itinerary for clients.

Websites Are Not Limited To Businesses

Consider A Site for an Event

This Example Is A Site For A Wedding

Wedding Website Design

Think what a website could do for your wedding. It can tell the story of two people and how they became a couple. It posts the date of the event to insure invitees know when to attend. It can give a range of details about the event. Visitors from out of town may need to find places to stay. Your wedding website can help them find one.

A Writer Can Use A Business Website

A website for a professional writer

A website is an excellent avenue for a writer to display their tallents and market their services. A writers website can offer services and serve as a display for talent. Content is a critical element in this information age. And many writers focus in niche markets. And a well designed website with quality content can help a writer find clients through the search engines.

A Website For A Farmer’s Market

Farmers market web design

The promotion of a Farmers Market can be complimented with a website. It can range from a basic site that show images of the event to a complex site that incorporates individual pages for each vendor and links to their website. Many communities have Farmers Markets. Many of those do not have a farmers market website. Incorporate one into your community and stand out.

Look At This Site For Fashion Design

Fashions website

Fashion designers are very creative, but most want to focus their creativity on their products, not their website design. That’s where customized website designs can help. Take a look at this example of a fashion design website. It includes a layout that has space for information about the business, new fashion designs, products that compliment, sale specials and more. With minor modifications this design can be customized for your small business.

A Website For An Agency

Agency website design

Agencies can use a wide range of website designs. Here is an example of a page for an agency that includes bullet points, statistics, a video and other features. Visitors to a site like this one can get a good idea of the services offered by the agency quickly. Then they are able to make contact with the featured business promptly via email, form or social media.

Here Is A Website For A Yoga Studio

Web page agency

A website can be customized for a studio business. Above is an example of a Yoga Studio website. This site has some generic artwork that can be incorporated into a clients website. And custom artwork and images can be created and posted for any studio.