Providing Quality Web Design and Management Since 1999

Small Business Websites

Providing Quality Web Design and Management Since 1999

Small Business Website Design and Management

Effective website management is more important for small businesses than it ever has been. And keeping them performing is correctly key. We help small businesses do exactly that. We provide small business website design and management to make, and keep, our clients’ websites effective. We are their designer and manager for the long term.

At Small Business Websites we have been creating and managing websites for over 20 years. We have learned a lot from our small business customers and will incorporated this experience into the creation of your small business website.

We Customize Websites for Each Client

Website Design Services

At Small Business Websites, we create custom designed websites for our customers. No two websites are alike. When we create your small business website we will incorporate your logo and any other artwork that you may already have created. Then we will design your website to compliment your unique logo.

We have designed a wide range of small business websites. From single page sites to sites with dozens of pages, our website designs fill the site needs of many clients.

Websites on different devices

Website Setup

Clients that are new to the web need help setting us their small business websites. For those clients we provide:

Domain Setup
Domain Pointing
Hosting Setup

Once we have these items setup their site is ready to operate.

Website Design ideas

Complete Website Design

We offer complete website design, from start to finish. Our designs of small business websites include:

Page Layout
Image Editing
Graphics Design
Text Creation
Text Placement

Responsive website design on two different size devices.

Mobile First

Our small business websites are designed first for mobile phones. Why? Because websites are viewed more times on mobile phones than they are on desktops.

After we have created an effective mobile look of the site, we work on the desktop screen view of the websites we design.

As the web grows, so does the importance of our small business web design services. We are always available to update your site to keep it on the cutting edge of the web.

Responsive Website Design

The small business websites that we create are responsive. They operate effectively on various size screens. Today, sites are more often viewed on mobile devices, so sites need to be created to operate well on those devices. We design our small business websites focusing on this priority.

Other Web Features Include:

SEO for business websites

SEO Services

SEO (search engine optimization) works to help you get ranks in your website that will bring desired traffic to your website. “Desired” is the key word here.

Website comparisons

Competitor Analysis

A small business, that has significant competitors, needs to have a website that is comparable to their competitors’ sites.

Web analytics charts

Site Analytics Services

Our website management professionals can set up site analytics and show you how to monitor them or monitor them for you. Site analytics enable you to see how many visitors come to your site and what pages they visit. This helps you determine how well your SEO works and what benefits you are getting from your website.

Site Backups for web design

Site Backup

Your site can be backed up when you want it. When your site it backed up it can be relaunched as a if there are problems with a site that has been compromised.

Having your website backed up can save a lot of money if the site fails.

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Small Business Website Management Services

Your website will most likely require some maintenance over time. We can show you how to do this or we can do it for you. Text changes, images added, content removed and new pages created are just a few of the items you may need changed on you site. We offer small business website management for clients who don’t want to do it themselves. We will be here when you need us.

Other Web Management

At Small Business Websites we will also be available to help your manage other web resources. We can purchase and manage your website domain name. We can create and edit artwork. We can help you with search engine ranks. We can show you how many visitors are coming to your site. We can help you set up and manage your social media.

Our small business website management services also offer custom email addresses that match your domain name and that you can access from anywhere.

Other Web Services available

Our complete web management can include:

SEO Services

We offer SEO (search engine optimization) services. We track the ranks of your website and do SEO work to improve your ranks. Our mission is to put your site ahead of your competitors’ sites.

Social Media Management

We help many customers with setup and management of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media tools. Our work ties in their websites to enhance the desired traffic to all resources.

Website Redesign

Over time small businesses often unknowingly let their websites get outdated. Many of these sites need to be redesigned. We can help you analyze your site and determine if it needs to be redesigned.

Full Service Website Design and Management

If you need full service professional website designed and managed, then you simply need to contact us. We can do all of the web work for you.

Need to get started? Just call us! Or, send us an email.

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Prompt Website Content Changes

We have won over several clients because they know we will complete their work promptly.

We want your work. Give us a call and let’s get you set up so we can make modifications to you website the next time you need them.

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Small Business Websites

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